B-Worms Bookstore Logo & Brochure

This project entailed the creation of a brochure for B–Worms Bookstore. The first step was designing a logo. Once the logo was developed, a double gate fold brochure was created.

Initial Logo Design

B-Worms Bookstore is a store that offers books, as well as music and tecnological products and services. To incorporate these aspects, as well as the tagline: "Listen. Read. Engage.", there are three icons included with the logo. For the initial design, these icons have a stroke design that fades in some spots.The logo contains a teal color, which goes with the cool color palette of the brand. B-Worms Bookstore's logo, and brand, is represented by the font Geneva Regular because it is easy to read and process.

B-Worms Bookstore Initial Logo

Final Logo

Based on the initial logo, the design for the final B-Worms Bookstore did not change a whole lot. The final logo design incorporates the same font, color, and icons. A slight change was made to the icons to make them heavier. To make the icons more distinct, I made the stroke solid. This was done to make the icons easier to see and point out.

final logo for B-Worms Bookstore

Final Brochure Layout

Once the logo was developed, a double gate fold brochure was created. The brochure contains information about B–Worms Bookstore, such as history and store offerings. It incorporates the company’s colors, teal, orange, and gray, and it also uses the symbols from the logo for consistency throughout the whole piece. B-Worms Bookstore's brochure also utilizes the same font as the logo, Geneva Regular. Rockwell Regular is the serif font used for subheadings within the brochure to contrast the body copy, as well as develop a typographic hierarchy. A wood texture was present in many panels of the brochure to tie it together as well. The brochure contains a pocket that has an insert with upcoming events.

final B-Worms brochure upcoming events layout
B-Worms Brochure Upcoming Events Insert

final B-Worms brochure flat layout of the outside
Outside of B-Worms Brochure

final B-Worms brochure flat layout of the inside
Inside of B-Worms Brochure