B-Worms Bookstore Website

To assist in the development of B-Worms Bookstore's brand, a website was created for the company's products and services.

Web Tree Planning

Before I began the construction of a website for B-Worms Bookstore, I designed a web tree to help plan out the layout. Based on this process, my Home Page would start off with a History Section. Then, by clicking the items in the nav bar, you could link to the Services Section, Bestsellers Section, Records Section, Comics Section, Cafe Section, and Merchandise Section.

web tree for B-Worms Bookstore website

Final Website

When this one–page website is launched, the first thing seen at the top is a carousel of images for upcoming events. After this, there is a section for each of the nav items listed at the top. It utilizes the same color palette as the brochure: gray, teal, and orange. Merriweather is the serif font used for headlines, the nav items, and the titles of the merchandise and books. Raleway is the sans–serif font used for the body copy of the website. B-Worms Bookstore’s website is responsive and accessible.

B-Worms Bookstore Website Mockup on iMac, Macbook, and iPhone