Gemini Java Branding & Identity System

The intent of this project was to create a business around the astrological sign, Gemini. This lead to the development of Gemini Java, a coffee shop.

Initial Logo Design

The initial logo for Gemini Java was very thin and light-weight. I wanted the type in the logo to look like it was handwritten, so Ink Free is the font that was used. Incorporated in this logo is also the symbol for Gemini. The type, as well as the symbol, are just about the same weight as each other. Green and yellow were used because, after some research, I found that these were the colors used to represent this astrological sign.

Gemini Java Logo Initial Design

Initial Menu Design

The initial menu design for Gemini Java was based off of the strengths and weaknesses of the astrological sign, which I found in my beginning research. The names of all of the drinks correspond with strengths and wekanesses of a Gemini. Yellow and green are used, as those are the colors that represent Geminis, and the colors that were also utilized in the logo. All of the headings and subheadings used the font Castellar, in order to differentiate from the menu item descritptions. The remainder of the copy utilized the font Ink Free to maintain consistency with the logo.

initial Gemini Java strengths menu
initial Gemini Java weaknesses menu

Final Logo

Since the original logo, I made significant changes to the brand of Gemini Java. I still included the Gemini symbol because it is a good representation of the brand, as well as very simple to recognize. The Gemini Symbol is placed in between the words "Gemini" and "Java." Instead of maintaining the script-look, a sans-serif font, Avenir Next Condensed Regular,is used to give the logo more weight without being too heavy. Throughout the process of logo development, I thought a lot about the constellation of Gemini, so dark purple and a silvery gray are used to represent nighttime.

final Gemini Java logos in black and white and color

Final Menu

A lot of revision went into the Gemini Java menu. Because the logo colors changed, so did the colors on the menu. I incoporated the dark purple into the menu and designed a Gemini constellation illustration to include in the header. The menu background also contains the gray Gemini symbol, which was pulled out of the logo. For this menu, I also chose to include images of food and beverages, just like a real menu would. Arial Black is the font used for headings, and Avenir Next Condensed Regular is used for body copy. I wanted a sense of hierarchy and consistency with the logo.

final Gemini Java strengths menu page
final Gemini Java weaknesses menu page