Law Office of Mark Dent Logo

The purpose of this project was to create a new logo for Law Office of Mark Dent.

Initial Logo Concepts

Many law office logos contain the Scale of Justice as part of the design, as did the original logo for this firm. I developed some thumbnails using that idea, but to differentiate, other designs were also created to brand the firm. A design incorporating a gavel was proposed, but ultimately the client decided on wanting something simpler.

Law Office of Mark Dent Logo Initial Designs

Final Logo

The idea of simplicity is what helped the client choose the design for his firm. The final logo turned out to be more of a logotype, instead of incorporating a symbol to represent the firm.

The dark green and brown color scheme is used per the client’s request. Superclarendon is used because it is a serif font, it appears more formal, and it is not as traditional as Times New Roman and other serif fonts.

final Law Office of Mark Dent logos in black and white and color