Nue Vision IT Consultants Logo, Advertisements, & Packaging

The purpose of this project was to develop a logo, advertisements, and packaging for Nue Vision IT Consultants.

Initial Logo Concepts

Nue Vision is a high-end IT consultant business. The first step in this project was designing a high-tech logo for the company. To begin developing concepts, I looked to other IT companies for inspiration, as well as kept the thoughts of connectivity and simplicity in mind.Initially, the typeface, Shree Devanagari 714, was going to be used in the logo. I soon realized this typeface did not offer enough varaiations in style to allow me to apply it to other aspects of the project, such as the packaging.

Nue Vision IT Consultants Logo Initial Designs

Final Logo

The final logo for Nue Vision incorporated a hexagon shape with lines in it. The lines within the shape represent the connection of wires. Filling in the hexagon with color made the logo too busy and heavy, so for the final design, the shape remains an outline.

My color palette was to maintain a cool analagous scheme, so for this reason, dark purple is utilized. The font URW DIN Regular was chosen because it provides a technological feel.

final Nue Vision logos in black and white and color

Final Advertisements

For Nue Vision IT Consultants, I designed 3 digital advertisements and 1 print advertisement. The digital ads were designed for a leaderboard, Facebook, and Instagram. The print ad was a half page for a magazine. They all focused on contrast between the black and the bright colors on the laptop, and I utilized URW DIN Regular for the type to maintain brand consistency.

final Nue Vision digital leaderboard ad
Nue Vision Digital Leaderboard Advertisement

final Nue Vision digital Instagram ad
Nue Vision Digital Instagram Advertisement
final Nue Vision half-page print magazine ad

Nue Vision Print Half-Page Magazine Advertisement

Final Packaging

The packaging for a flashdrive and a USB cable were developed for Nue Vision. An illustration of each product appears on both packaging pieces. In the background of both, there is a technological texture placed underneath a purple to blue gradient.

For more on the Nue Vision branding development and process, view my process book!

final Nue Vision usb and flashdrive packaging

final Nue Vision flashdrive packaging dieline
Nue Vision Flashdrive Packaging Dieline

final Nue Vision usb packaging dieline
Nue Vision USB Packaging Dieline