On The Mark Tax Service Logo

The intent of this project was to create a new logo for a tax attorney, On The Mark.

Initial Logo Concepts

The original On The Mark logo was a royalty–free image of a bullseye with an arrow in the center. Many designs were created to move away from that concept, but some were also created to expand on the bullseye idea. Other ideas included checkmarks and X's as another way to represent the firm.

On The Mark Tax Service Logo Initial Designs

Final Logo

The final logo for On The Mark Tax Service ultimately became something unlike the initial bullseye concept. It contains a checkmark, which symbolizes the idea of completeness.

Navy blue and red are used because those are the colors the client had chosen. The font used is DIN Alternate Bold because the straight edges of the letters complement the strong edges of the check mark symbol.

final On The Mark Tax Service logos in black and white and color