Oswald Octopi Logo, Identity System, & Team Uniform

The purpose of this project was to create a brand story and develop an identity system for the baseball team Oswald Octopi. This project required a logo, a uniform, a business card, a letterhead, and an envelope.

Initial Logo Design

Oswald Octopi's original logo incorporated the color scheme of teal and orange. The fonts used are Signpainter and Arial Bold for contrast, but also to symbolize the strength of a sports logo. I wanted to create a logo that incorporated some of the aspects of baseball, so the logo includes an octopus clinging to a baseball bat with a cap on its head. The octopus face also has stitches like a baseball. From the original logo, I developed two sub-logos that could be used in place of the full logo, which are to the right and underneath the full design.

Oswald Octopi Initial Logo and Sub-logos

Initial Identity System

Oswald Octopi's initial identity system incorporated the same color scheme as the logo. The envelope, business card, and letterhead all have a pale teal tint to them. Every piece of the identity system contains the logo, as well as aspects of the logo. On the business card and letterhead, I pulled a tentacle off of the octopus to take up some of the negative space and maintain consistency. Arial Bold is the font used for all of the text because it is also used within the logo.

initial Oswald Octopi identity system with flat images of letterhead, business card, and envelope

Initial Team Uniform

The initial uniform for Oswald Octopi includes both of the sub-logos, instead of the full logo. Last names on the back of the jerseys use the Arial Bold font to maintain consistency with the brand. The jersey itself is teal, and the sleeves are a variation of the orange used within the logo.

initial Oswald Octopi baseball team uniform

Final Logo

Oswald Octopi's final logo includes a color change. The bright orange is replaced with a brown hue. The background color behind "OSWALD" is minimized to just be an outline around the letters, and the characters in "Octopi" are adjusted to fit together better. The baseball cap was also redesigned to give the logo more depth and animation. Final fonts used remain the same, Arial Bold and Signpainter.

final logo and sub-logos for Oswald Octopi

Final Identity System

The final identity system for Oswald Octopi stays almost the same. The new logo replaces the old one and the colors change to match the final logo. Instead of Arial Bold for the text on the envelope, business card, and letterhead, Arial Regular is used so it does not look so harsh.

final identity system mockup for Oswald Octopi with a letterhead, business card, and envelope

Final Team Uniform

Compared to the initial design, the Oswald Octopi uniform did not change much. The only thing that needed to be adjusted was making the orange a tint of the brown used in the logo.

final Oswald Octopi baseball team uniform