Pit Bulls: Friends or Foes Brochure

The intent of this project was to develop an informational brochure about pit bulls. This project required research as well as layout and organizational skills.

Initial Brochure Design

Pit Bulls: Friends or Foes is a 16-page, 8"x8" typographic brochure. The first step was research. Next, came the development of the brochure layout. The text in the brochure was formatted using a baseline grid, and the fonts Rockwell and Avenir were used. After this, images of pit bulls were clipped out in Photoshop and placed on the pages, and infographics were created in Illustrator to support the research. The paw print illustration was used regularly throughout the brochure to maintain consistency. Pink and yellow were utilized in the initial brochure to evoke a sense of friendliness.

initial Pit Bull Brochure flat file front cover and back cover
Front and Back Covers

Final Brochure

As I reworked my pit bull brochure, I maintained a lot of the same features. All of the photos remained the same, as well as the baseline grid, and the fonts Avenir and Rockwell. Some of the illustrated icons used throughout the brochure were slightly altered. The most significant change was the color palette. The colors, gold, brown, and burnt orange, complement the colors that are also found within the pit bull images and still evoke a feeling of friendliness, playfulness, and gentleness. Changing the colors made the overall design a lot more cohesive.

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