Public Service Announcement Poster Series

This project entailed creating a series of PSA Posters. The topic of these designs is the adoption of domestic pets.

Initial PSA Poster Designs

The topic of these poster designs was focused around the adoption of domestic pets and the decision to choose this topic came from the personal experience of adopting an animal from a shelter. Statistics were obtained from the ASPCA website, and they were used to evoke emotion from viewers. At first, these posters were designed with a dark color palette to have a more gut-wrenching effect on viewers. The statistic number, as well as the call to action, were set apart with a pop of red. Seravek Light and Medium were utilized for the type because they are easy to read close up and far away.

dog public service announcement poster initial design
cat public service announcement poster initial design

Final PSA Posters

A multitude of changes were made to the initial poster designs. These designs were created with happier images and a more vibrant color palette. For the statistic numbers and call to actions, I pulled colors out of the images to add a pop of color and to maintain consistency with the palette. The same fonts, Seravek Light and Medium, were used. I came up with catchy phrases that went with the images to take a different approach with the PSA posters. Overall, these designs are a lot more eye-catching and uplifting.

final dog public service announcement poster
final cat public service announcement poster