Supply Side USA Web Banners

This project entailed redesigning web banners and linking them to appropriate pages of the website to make customers aware of new, seasonal, and/or popular products.

Project Overview

For this project, I redesigned web banners to be included in the carousel on Supply Side USA's homepage. The goal was to feature seasonal products, bestselling products, and new products. In the end, these banners would link to appropriate pages of the website to help increase traffic to pages about specific product offerings.

Company Background

Supply Side is a business-to-business company in the packaging supplies, storage supplies, and wholesale industry. They sell packaging and storage supplies to parcel stores and self-storage companies.

Supply Side USA website homepage on Macbook

My Role

On this project, I served as the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Intern for Supply Side. Although I was an intern, I had a lot of free range on this project. I received instruction from my supervisor, Vice President of Marketing, about what to feature in the web banners, which link to specific product purchase pages.

Other than these minimal directions I was provided, I was able to design content however I wanted, as well as link it to specific pages of the website that I saw best fit for the imagery.

Supply Side USA logo

My Process

I designed web banners for Supply Side's site that were more updated than previous banners. They were created in a way that set them apart from the rest of the site and made them stand out. I wanted them to look more appealing in order to influence consumers to buy the products for their stores, or at least view the webpages each banner linked to in order to increase traffic.

The first thing I did was create a template in Photoshop to make sure all of the carousel images were the same size. When I inherited this task, all of the images were different sizes, which led to the home page constantly moving up and down to adjust to these sizes. I consistently used this template to design carousel images that were all the same size.

screenshot of template building in Photoshop

Seasonal Web Banners

I started off designing seasonal banners for the carousel. I created a Valentines' Day pop up card banner, as well as a Mothers' Day pop up card banner, which both linked to the category for pop up cards on the website. The banner advertised pop up card displays for parcel stores to purchase for resale to their customers. Although the Valentines' Day web banner was posted to the site a little late in the season, the Mothers' Day banner had a great shot at promotion due to the fact it was posted to the site more than 3 months in advance of the holiday.

Mothers' Day web banner

Facility Supplies Web Banner

Additionally, I created web banners to promote new product offerings. During my internship, Supply Side rolled out Facility Supplies, which included office supplies and cleaning and maintenance supplies for customers, like parcel stores, to purchase for their own in-store use (not resale). There is a banner for each of these parts of Facility Supplies. I developed the phrase "Convenience with a Click" to include on the office supplies banner, because it is catchy and more likely to stick out in a consumer's mind.

Office Supplies web banner

On the cleaning and maintenance supplies banner, I tried to develop a headline that emphasized that the process of ordering is easy, which could be more appealing to consumers. Both banners included a short amount of copy with key points about the Facility Supplies program, like the fact customers can add these products to an existing order and these products also count towards the shipping minimum. Each banner links to its category on the website, which is good for SEO and could also further encourage customers to purchase.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies web banner

New Deco Mailers & Box Designs Web Banner

In addition to the promotion of Facility Supplies, Supply Side was also set to roll out the new designs of their everyday decorative boxes and mailers. Customers were calling and asking the customer service department if deco mailers and boxes were being discontinued because there was such a limited assortment of leftovers on the website. Because of this, one of Supply Side's customer service representatives requested that I design a "Coming Soon" web banner for these new mailers and boxes, so customers knew Supply Side is still selling these products.

New Everyday Deco Mailers and Boxes web banner

Your Logo Here Web Banner

Lastly, I developed a more updated version of the Your Logo Here banner. Your Logo Here is a program Supply Side offers that allows private label companies to select the products they want for their stores and have the packaging branded to match their logo. The only way the webpage to order can be reached is through this web banner. For this reason, the banner needed to be updated with the correct packaging designs to show customers what they were really ordering. Your Logo Here is a widely used service that Supply Side provides. By updating the banner, the hope was to entice more companies to purchase through this program and view the web page.

Your Logo Here web banner

Measuring Success

The Valentines' Day pop up card banner was uploaded to the website much later than anticipated, so I suspect that a lot of customers did not see it for the short amount of time it was live. On the other hand, the Mothers' Day pop up card banner was uploaded to the website 2 months in advance. With this in mind, the hope was that sales of these pop up cards would increase because customers would have enough time to order them and have them displayed in their stores for people to purchase for the holiday.

someone looking at data

The Facility Supplies are booming! This program is gaining traction among Supply Side's customers. I can see this and I can also see that the web banners I created are making customers aware. At Supply Side, there is now constantly a need to create personalized online web catalogs containing these supplies for customers. I am also always adding new products to the Facility Supplies category on the website, and to the online catalogs, upon customers' requests about what they would like to see and be able to purchase for their stores. It was exciting to really see this program take off because I had a chance to be a part of it!

person putting their thumb up

The Your Logo Here program is also receiving a lot of additional attention. As a graphic designer for Supply Side as well, all of the Your Logo Here work comes to me. I could see that there was an increase in the number of companies I was branding product packaging for. It wass amazing to see what a little bit of updating imagery and linking to the proper landing pages could do for a business!

cardboard box with a roll of tape