Supply Side USA Email Blasts

This project entailed designing email blasts that properly linked to their respective webpages in order to encourage consumers to take action.

Project Overview

For this project, I designed email blasts on SnapRetail. One of the email blasts was about personal protective equipment. The other email blast I put together was for Inside Self-Storage Best of Business: Best Retail & Best Lock.

Company Background

Supply Side is a business-to-business company in the packaging supplies, storage supplies, and wholesale industry. They sell packaging and storage supplies to parcel stores and self-storage companies.

Supply Side USA PPE Email Blast on an iPhone

My Role

On this project, I served as the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Intern for Supply Side. Although I was an intern, I had a lot of free range on these email blasts, as long as I included the correct content. I received a bit more direction on the ISS Best of Business email blast, because I more so repurposed that content from last year's email blast. My role was to create email blasts that linked back to actual webpages for customers to take action.

Supply Side USA logo

My Process

To provide more insight into this project, I designed two email blasts for Supply Side using SnapRetail. One of them was to encourage consumers to purchase personal protective equipment, and the other was to promote voting for Supply Side for Best Retail and Best Lock. What is most important about these email blasts is that they link to their respective pages for consumers to carry out their call to action.

SnapRetail Logo

PPE Email Blast

For the personal protective equipment email blast, I first checked out previous templates that were used on SnapRetail by Supply Side for past emails. I found one that was done for personal protective equipment in the past, so I chose that template, and I decided to use that as a skeleton for my content. I included products that my supervisor wished to be included, such as disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer. SnapRetail allows the user to drag and drop images and format them in whatever order or size. After dragging in all of the images and placing them where I wanted, it was time to link back to Supply Side's website. I linked all of these products to their proper pages in hopes of making the opportunity for conversion more likely.

I also updated the header of the email. In the past, when a similar email blast was sent out, the Supply Side logo was nowhere to be found until the consumer scrolled all the way to the end. It is a better practice to advertise who you are at the top. I added Supply Side's logo to the image in the header to make it blend in more with the content, so the logo is not in your face, but the consumer will still know who it is from. I was able to schedule when this email blast would be sent out to customers. Once the campaign wrapped up, I was able to view the data, which will be reviewed in the following section.

Supply Side PPE Email Blast Screenshot

ISS Email Blast

Next, I repurposed an old email blast to make it more current. In 2021, Supply Side was in the running for Inside Self-Storage Best of Business: Best Retail & Best Lock. In 2020, they were also nominated for an award with this same company. I was able to find the template that was used last year for a similar email, but unable to find the graphic that was used for that specific email blast. Instead of being able to just change some of the copy, I recreated the graphic and included the new information on it.

It is best to repurpose or create new content anyway. As a marketer, I should not be sending out the same exact content that was already sent out previously. I updated a lot of the photos that were used in the past so the new design would look cleaner. Then, I had to go back into SnapRetail, replace the old image, and upload the voting link for 2021 to the button. This email blast was scheduled to be sent out by my supervisor. The data for this campaign will also be covered in the next section.

Supply Side ISS Email Blast Screenshot

Measuring Success

I was successful in sending out both of my email blasts to customers using a new email platform. Each email had a sizable amount of opens. Ecommerce is an area that Supply Side was working to improve, so although the results may not appear high to some, it was a start in the right direction.

PPE Email Blast Analytics

First, I will review the data I obtained from the personal protective equipment email blast. This email was sent out twice, but to different customers. The first round of the email blast was sent to a parcel store list and a Supply Side USA list. It delivered to 1,761 addresses out of an attempted 1,768. This email received 269 opens and an open rate of 15%. The click through rate was only 1%, but we only had one customer unsubscribe from Supply Side's emails.

first round PPE email blast rates

The second round of the personal protective equipment had a larger number of customers, so its numbers were slightly higher in some cases.It delivered to 2,953 addresses out of an attempted 3,002. This email received 445 opens and an open rate of 15% as well. The click through rate was similar to that of the first round at 2%, and we had 6 customers decide to unsubscribe. I think in the future it could be a good idea to make the content in the email blasts more interesting or interavtive for customers. The unsubscriber rate is low, so that was a good sign that we are not necessarily spamming customers with emails from Supply Side. I also think we could have done a better job of making sure we had active email users on our subscription lists, so we could increase our open and click through rates.

second round PPE email blast rates

ISS Email Blast Analytics

Next, I worked on the Inside Self-Storage Best of Business: Best Retail & Best Lock promotion email for Supply Side. Again, this email was sent in an effort to get customers to vote Supply Side for Best Retail & Best Lock. It delivered to 3,550 addresses out of an attempted 3,550. This email received 156 opens and an open rate of 4%. The click through rate was 3%, which was the highest among the personal protective equipment email blast that was sent out to 2 separate audiences. To be more specific, there were 96 clicks within this email. I saw that as a potential 96 votes for Supply Side for Best Retail & Best Lock because this was the only link included in the email, besides Supply Side's website being linked in the footer.

ISS email blast rates

We also had 0 unsubscribers at this point. It may have been a good idea, once again, to have done a better job of making sure there were active email users on our subscription lists. This could have improved open and click through rates, and in this case, gain Supply Side more votes for this award.

ISS logo next to the words Best Retail and Best Lock from the email blast