The Blonde Italian Email Template

This project entailed developing ideas for emails, designing an email template, and adding content to the template to send out to The Blonde Italian's customers.

Project Overview

For this project, I developed ideas of what could be included in emails that would be sent to The Blonde Italian's customers. Once the ideas were narrowed down, I designed an email template for The Blonde Italian. This way, the emails would be consistent, and easy to put together.

Company Background

The Blonde Italian is a Cleveland-based business in the consumer packaged goods industry. Through Shopify, as well as some local grocery stores, she sells homemade pasta sauces, seasonings, salsas, vinaigrettes, and dipping oils.

The Blonde Italian's first email blast on an Android

My Role

On this project, I served as a Digital Marketing Clinic Account Specialist on a team with other digital marketing students. The Blonde Italian had never used email marketing as a tactic to sell her products, so I was in charge of developing an email marketing strategy and designing an email template.

The client was very open to change and trying new strategies, so we wanted to implement another practice that could enhance her business.

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My Process


To start off, I began developing ideas for what could be included in The Blonde Italian's emails. The client had never sent out emails to customers before, so I had to propose some possible ideas of what content the team would be able to include in emails.

The header would include The Blonde Italian's logo and a stock photo, which could be changed accordingly. I had the vision of making the emails interactive. I proposed having a section for a video tutorial on how to make one of The Blonde Italian's recipes. I also set aside a section to call out and link to the product being used in the video, so customers knew what to buy to complete the recipe. There was also a section within my template that included upcoming events. The footer contained The Blonde Italian's contact and social media information. I also worked to pull in some of the brand colors so the emails would be consistent with the website. Once I proposed some ideas, I figured it was a good idea to decide which email platform to use.

The Blonde Italian Email Template

Tools Used

At first, I was planning to use Mailchimp, but I then resorted to Shopify Email. Because Shopify Email does not allow for extremely content heavy emails, like my proposed ideas, I had to condense down the amount of information and media that could be included. I ultimately chose Shopify Email, because I wanted email marketing to be something easy for the client to be able to do on her own if she wanted to. It directly pulls the product information and photos on her Shopify site and inputs it into the email. This would be a lot easier for the client to manage.

Mailchimp Logo

Shopify Email Logo

Developing a Template

Because I had to condense the amount of content within the email, the template became very product-driven. The first email blast that was sent out contained a few products, which linked back to the Shopify site. As stated, it would be really easy for the team, and the client, to switch out products each time we sent out an email to customers.

The final template created on Shopify Email begins with the logo at the top. Then it has a headline, a sentence of copy, and a button for customers to take action and shop for products on the site. It then continues with the products that The Blonde Italian wants to feature.

I put together the first email that The Blonde Italian ever sent out. The data will be covered in the following section. Once the first email was sent out, the template I designed was used for the rest of the emails the team sent out. This initial email, and template, were just a start, and eventually we were able to find ways to include more content by simply linking to video tutorials and including recipe cards in the emails.

The Blonde Italian Email Header Screenshot

The Blonde Italian Garden Garlic Email Feature Screenshot

Measuring Success

I successfully sent out the first email for The Blonde Italian.

The importance of this project was creating the actual template that would be used for The Blonde Italian on every email that would follow. This template is still actively being used by the team to send out emails to customers.

The Blonde Italian has a small subscriber list, but the email was successful in being delivered to 43 addresses. It was opened by 18 customers, with a 41.9% open rate, which is nearly half of her email list. Of the 43 deliveries, 6 people clicked within the email, which provides a click through rate of 14%. No one unsubscribed and no one reported this email as spam, so this a good start for The Blonde Italian's email marketing strategy.

The Blonde Italian Shopify website homepage on iMac